We rebuild
a sense of
displaced families
in Istanbul

About Small Projects Istanbul​

Small Projects Istanbul is an NGO established in 2015 in Çapa, Istanbul, to support those displaced by conflict in Syria, the Middle East and the North Africa Region.

We work to provide a safe and welcoming space for displaced families to connect with one another, while supporting our community members in their integration process.

Currently, we have a network of over 2000 beneficiaries, including 200 families and 350  children. Every week, we organise 20+ activities in support of community building, personal and professional enrichment, livelihood support and social cohesion.

Our community

Our work

Small Projects Istanbul runs a five story facility that operates 7 days a week and offers quality community services with a special focus on children, youth and women through educational, psycho social support, social cohesion, skills and leadership development and income generation.

Our Women’s Social Enterprise has been growing stronger for over 4 years. It offers the opportunity to over 45 refugee women to develop professional handicraft skills, as well as directly enabling them to use their news skills to earn an income to support themselves and their families.

Our Community support program enable us to give our beneficiaries all the tools and resourced they need to thrive in Istanbul, while removing the barriers they encounter on their way toward a successful integration. 


Covid-19 Sürecinde Çocuk Hakları İzleme webinarına davetlisiniz.
📌26 Mayıs Çarşamba günü 17.00-19.00 saatleri arası zoom üzerinden gerçekleşecek.
🔸 “Covid-19 sürecinde İstanbul’un Farklı Yerleşimlerinde Çocukların Haklarına Erişimi-Eğitim Hakkı” izleme/araştırma raporumuzun bulgularını paylaşacağız.
Webinar Zoom bağlantı linki kayıt olanlara 25 Mayıs’ta gönderilecektir.

Check the final reports of the “Research on Children’s Access to Rights During Corona Days in different Districts of Istanbul”. 

The research has been carried out in partnership with Başak Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı, Sulukule Gönüllüleri Derneği (SGD) ve Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi (TTM) under the Etkiniz EU Program

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