Small Projects Istanbul is an independent NGO operating a community center which provides enrichment, integration and livelihood activities for displaced families rebuilding their lives in the city.

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Our Vision

We envision a future in which the Syrian community in Istanbul is socially and economically integrated, in a way that ensures their dignity and identity, enabling each person to fulfill their individual potential to live a healthy and rewarding life while contributing to their social environment.

our impact

More than 200 families displaced by conflict in the MENA region inform the vision and direction of our work and participate in 20+ weekly volunteer-led programs in support of community-building, personal and professional enrichment, women’s livelihoods, and integration in Turkish society.

enrichment & integration

Resourcing displaced families for the future.

women’s social enterprise

A social enterprise managed by women.

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SPI relies on individuals like you to support our work by contributing time, skills and financial resources.
With your donation, you’re making a huge impact on the lives of students and their families by ensuring the longevity of the programs on which they rely. You can also help by volunteering your time or skills!
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