Our Mission

Small Projects Istanbul is dedicated to helping those displaced by the conflict in Syria rebuild their lives, through supporting community development, education, and empowerment.
The Olive Tree Community Center is designed to be a place of safety and belonging, within this space we are committed to working with the community to ensure the best opportunities for families, students and individuals to reach their full potential in Istanbul and beyond.

Education – SPI aims to bridge the gap to formal education for displaced children and enhance personal development by affording opportunities otherwise unavailable so that they may have brighter futures and succeed in life.

Livelihood Support – Economic security is the basis of success for SPI families. In response to this critical need, our Olive Tree Craft Collective was born as an income generating solution for women and mothers of our community, many of whom have become the head of their household due to the ongoing war.

Community – A place of belonging and psychological wellbeing are the building blogs come which we flourish in our communities and the world. SPI strives to create the security and sense of home where members of various backgrounds and beliefs can grow in community.

Skills Development- We work hand-in-hand with our beneficiary community fulfill their potential by developing new skills sets that individuals and families can put to use here in Istanbul and beyond as they reestablish their lives.