Back to School Program – System Changes and Enrollments


Due to new and complex changes to the school system in Turkey, funding has shifted toward traditional K-12 Turkish schools rather than the Arabic schools many students had started attending. SPI’s community believes there is value in greater systematic integration for Syrian children with their Turkish peers. Hence, we’ve launched our Back-to-School program.

Though the adjustment period brought some challenges, we are happy to say we continue to support over 60 students with access to formal education and we are fully committed to assisting their families to make informed decisions for their future. Currently 20 students have been enrolled in Turkish schools. They are attending our intensive remedial Turkish language courses four times a week— setting them up to succeed in their formal education! Families continue to send their children to our weekly Arabic courses to ensure reading and writing literacy in their native language.


Support our Back-to-School Program

Reduced costs bring down the burden on families for school enrollment but families still need your help. We're happy to say that our funds can now go further. Do your part in changing a child's future from uncertain to hopeful by giving to our Back to School Campaign.

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