Back to School Support Program

A generation of displaced children is facing the devastating possibility of completely missing out on formal education. This has been identified as one of the most critical issues in the Syrian crisis, the effects of which will continue on into several more generations if not addressed immediately. In response, Small Projects Istanbul runs its Back to School Support Program to help families navigate and overcome the various barriers to enrolling their children in schools.

As part of our Back to School Support Program, we assist families with school enrollment, registration, managing hidden fees, and language training to lessen the barrier faced by students upon entering their new Turkish-speaking classrooms.
In collaboration with families, we accompany and assist in school enrollment and registration to ensure the administrative process goes smoothly.

Though public education is free in Turkey, the hidden costs required for transport, books, stationery, lunches or uniforms present a significant obstacle to families with little income. Funds from our individual donors are used to cover these costs.
Language training is at the core of SPI’s Education and Children’s Activities in awareness of the critical role it plays in academic and social success. While language acquisition is one of the greatest barriers to thriving in school, SPI’s community believes there is value in systematic integration for Syrian children with their Turkish peers. Students participate in our language programs in preparation for and while attending school.

Our goal is to enroll and keep all of the children of our community in schools as we address the situations and obstacles each family faces on a case-by-case basis.

Our community funded scholarship program has made it possible for more than 60 school-aged children to return to schools in Istanbul. We do require ongoing donations from our incredible supporters to ensure school fees and expenses are covered each semester so that students stay in school.

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