Blooming Through Mentorship – A Day at Emirgan Park

Blooming Through Mentorship (3)

With the big city in bloom, Robert College student mentors enjoyed a day at Emirgan Park for the Istanbul Tulip Festival with SPI youth. Read what they had to say about the outing and catch some of the infectious joy from the day’s photos!:

Eren: Emirgan trip with the children was very different, special and amazing for us and the children. They had a great chance to see numerous kind of tulips in Emirgan Park which is rare for all of us; however, this wasn’t the only thing that is rare and surprised them. During our trip they also saw some ducks in the pool which they really enjoyed to watch. Moreover, right after we left from the ducks, we suddenly saw a squirrel. All of the children observed it with a huge interest and were amazed by the nature around us. Because of all of these special and unforgettable moments, I think Emirgan Parkı was a great place to travel with the children, see different and interesting nature, have sincere relationship with the children and feel the warmness between all of us. Thanks to Small Project for giving us a chance to spend time with the children and create unforgettable memories.

Zeynep: After not seeing the kids from Small Projects for a little while, this Emirgan trip was the perfect way of reuniting with our little friends. It seemed as if everything of nature that was pretty were trying to compliment their joy and beauty – the shy rays of sunshine that occasionally appeared and warmed us, the blooming tulips of many vibrant colors of which some of the kids weren’t able to stop taking pictures of, the manmade-but-still-appealing fountain filled with all kinds of ducks and swans that children adored- It was a blast for all of us! Getting out of buildings and rooms and letting ourselves outside was the perfect opportunity for getting closer and getting the most out of a chilly spring day. I know I will never forget this amazing day I had with my best friends – and I am sure they will not too.

Çağatay: It was great to see our little friends after a month, and I hope they enjoyed this meeting as much as I did. The weather was very nice, trees and tulips were colorful and ducks and other animals were a joy to watch. Kids were very excited and their enthusiasm made me really happy. I am looking forward to the next meeting and hope it will be even better.

Mert: It was the perfect spring time trip. There were tulips all around, blossoming in many different colours. I was very excited to meet with the kids at such a beautiful place; we had missed them a lot. I think they were too because they started running towards us the moment we saw each other. The kids were nice as ever, and they seemed to like the park very much. They were especially surprised by the ducks and swans they saw in the pool, and by the numerous brides that were taking photos in the park. They weren’t tired at all even after so much walking! The whole park was a huge playground for them. Spring is about being happy and lively after a cold, boring winter. It is about getting out and spending time with people you love. I am absolutely happy to have spent my springtime with the kids.

Jennifer Sertel (RC project officer )
Cold Air, Warm Hearts
It was a chilly spring day. The tulips in Emirgan park were all in bloom- gorgeous. Myriad of colors all at their height. The park was chock full of people of all sorts. Crowds and crowds of people; covered women, uncovered women. Old men, young men, hundreds of brides in white or pink or lavender. Others taking pictures, capturing ephemeral beauty before it fades; beauty of the tulips, beauty of the brides, and youngsters in awe. Ducks, seagulls swans, children of all ages, live music, and among them all were a small group of children from Small Projects with their ‘brothers and sisters’ from Robert College.

The highlight of the trip for many children seemed to be the squirrel they saw scampering among the trees. The children scampered too but not out of sight. We lost a tooth along the way, but we didn’t lose any children. A success! Another highlight for the girls was seeing all those brides. They went up to them and said ‘Çok güzelsiniz!’( ‘You are so beautiful!’) to which the brides smiled and thanked them. We thank Small Projects for sharing a memorable day at the park with us!


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