Capacity Building

Small Projects Istanbul started as a grass root organisation lead by volunteers and, through their efforts and dedication, it became a small size NGO with 9 full time employees. We value the experience, expertise and hard work and each team member  brings into the community centre every day and we recognise the importance of capacity building to grow and improve as an organisation. 

At the moment, we are partners of the following projects that focus on capacity building and strengthening the expertise within Small Projects Istanbul.


Marielle is a project that promotes the exchange of good practices among NGOs working with women at risk of social exclusion or survivors of violence. We are partnering with Per Esempio Onlus, Associazione Handala, Association “Euni Partners” (Bulgaria), ასოციაცია “მერკური” (Association “Merkuri”) (Georgia), Social Empowerment Hub (Greece) and SURT (Spain). Marielle is a project promoted by Erasmus+ Indire (KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education), part of the European Program. 

Humanitarian Volunteers in Action (HVA)

The project aims to strengthen and sustain the volunteering management and capacity building of organisations outside of the European Union (EU). Our team members went through a series of comprehensive training sessions hosted by ADICE France, ADRA SK and MTU MONDO in order to host expert volunteers, who possess expertise in a specific field related to humanitarian aid. The project has been implemented thanks to the financial support from DG ECHO of the European Union, the initiator of the EU Volunteers Program.