Coats4Kids Share Warmth for the Winter

Last winter Istanbul saw more snow than it had for years. The snow was beautiful as it laid upon the historical city landscape of one of the worlds oldest cities but many people were impacted negatively by this dramatic and unexpected weather.

Now as the deep winter months are headed our way, again, Small Projects Istanbul and Coats 4 Kids seek to be prepared by the donation of coats.
Could you imagine experiencing winter temperatures below 4 degrees without the comfort of a lined coat protecting you from the bitterness of winter? Perhaps even not being able to walk into a heated flat after time spent walking to and from school or work.

Financial constraints may not allow some displaced families in this community to purchase warm and woolen coats. Donating money to help a child in need of something as simple, yet critical, as a coat can make all the difference between experiencing the beautiful snow-swept streets of Istanbul versus being chilled to the bone as you shuffle through the snow and make your way to school.

Coats 4 Kids joined with Small Projects Istanbul to distribute 100 coats to 100 kids in need of a little boost to make it through the very cold winter season. Coats 4 Kids is an organization set up to help non-profit organizations in Turkey produce and distribute durable coats to families in need.

The organization was able to raise funds and produce an outcome of about 700 coats helping multiple organizations around the country. The coats were lined and colored with red, pink, blue and brown and with little buttons to finish them off!

The intention of the project is that the nicely tailored coats bring a bit of pride to the children and their families as they face the winter, not only with warmth, but a sense of dignity.

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out to support an organization that helps our community here at SPI.


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