Collaborations & Publications

SPI's Recommendation Reports

With the support of The Black Sea Trust Foundation, we have been working on the project “Strengthening the wellbeing of the Refugee Community through participatory mechanisms during Covid-19”. We are excited to share our observations and recommendations with you, which we received directly from the participants during the project activities. 

The recommendation report is available in Turkish, Arabic, and English here.

The project focuses on Syrians under Temporary Protection and other refugees. It aims to develop mechanisms and suggest solutions that enable the eliciting of feedback which encourages the participation of community members regarding the problems they face.

Proverbs for Parleys

The project, which was a collaboration between SPI (Turkey), DPNA (Lebanon), and MONDO (Estonia), helped to increase our tools and capacities to promote intercultural dialogue between the partner countries and strengthen the social harmony of different communities living together within them. For that, we used a significant element of cultural heritage, language. One of the project results is a beautiful book, Wisdom of Words, full of proverbs in 3 languages – Estonia, Arabic, and Turkish.

A PDF version of the book is available for free download