Along with the regular activities organised in the community centre, we have the opportunity to carry out collaborations with experienced NGOs and educational institutions. 

Robert College

Every month, the students from Robert College host the children in the school premises and organize many recreational and educational activities, like theatre, art and craft and outdoor games.

Koç University

Our collaboration with Koç University is strong and steady and we organize many activities together during the year. Recently, we had a 4 session “Girls integration program”, where girls from the community center and turkish girls from the local community got together and spent the day in Koç University campus, participating in several workshops (yoga, coding, sport).


MAYA Vakfı

Maya Vakfı contributes to the mental, physical and academic development of children and young adults aged between five and eighteen, encouraging and supporting them toward reaching their full potential. During the span of 12 weeks they hosted 10 children in their centre and organised group therapy sessions, which provided an important psycho social support to the little participants.