In 2017, Muhra was launched as a socially conscious and empowering brand, featuring the ‘Drop Earrings Not Bombs’ collection.

Muhra is an Arabic word meaning female foal. It represents the growth, vitality and strength of the young Social Enterprise, created by female artisans on a collective journey as they rebuild their lives in Istanbul. Muhra is a collective of women that have come together to create a new life; the beauty of their new life being shown in the clothes, jewelry, and accessories that they create.

Meaning ‘female foal’ in Arabic, Muhra encompasses the idea that insome way, shape, or form we are all learning how to walk and live again. For the women and families of this community, this means rebuilding a life from the ground up here in Istanbul. Despite the hardships that these women have faced,they still appreciate the beauty of life and relationships, smile through their days,and pour their hearts into the creation of Muhra products to contribute something beautiful to the market.

Through Muhra and Drop Earrings, the artisan production team are connecting and sharing their message proudly with the world; as creative, innovative, dedicated and determined women. Muhra focuses on the strength and capacity of the individual woman, as well as of the group as a whole. These women are stepping out as community leaders, forging a new way for themselves and their families,despite adversity.

Muhra creates a platform through which the customer can connect with the experience and the powerful message of the artisan producer; through their beautiful, high quality handmade products. Our vision is that engagement with the brand creates a community that goes beyond nationality and culture; connecting and uniting women around the world through a recognition of all that we share: our values, our hopes, as well as our struggles.

The Muhra journey is about the shared experiences of the women involved, honouring the hardships, but despite these experiences, Muhra is focused on the new start, a better future and ready to work hard for a better world.The Muhra story goes beyond the direct experiences of the individuals in our group, it’s about the themes that bind us together, as women, as community, leveraging from our past to build up a future that we can all share in.

As movements including ethical consumption and slow fashion gain traction across the globe, Muhra has the opportunity to contribute to and leverage from these trends, and be known as a brand that is stylish and beautiful, as well as being purposeful and ethical.


This season is an exciting time for Muhra! The artisan team have been hard at work, participating in handicraft trainings to develop new skills, and tirelessly hand crafting beautiful new eco-responsible, ethical and elegant products for you to wear with pride!Soon the Muhra new Autumn/Winter collection will be ready to launch! This collection showcases the advancement of the production team’s technical skills in sewing, jewelry making and product design.

We have three new products that we are particularly excited to introduce:

– our Muhra multi-way bag, a stylish and functional daily use bag that can be worn three different ways.

– a newly designed casual wear shirt-dress, as an extension to our popular t-shirt range

– our Poetry earrings range: Inspired by ancient architecture and mystical metaphor,Poetryis our seasonless collection of handmade brass jewelry, the newest element of our ‘Drop Earrings Not Bomb’ collection.

The new range of products will be launching soon on our website for all our wonderful supporters to browse and enjoy at your leisure. However, as the holiday season approaches along with the possibilities of so many artisan Christmas markets, we are dreaming, planning and working hard towards launching Muhra at international markets in London and Germany.

We believe the value of connecting face-to-face with our international customers in this way is worth the investment, so we are preparing to leave the comfort of our workshop and brave the marketplace to make it happen!This will give us the opportunity to meet our customers directly and hear your feedback and reflections first hand, as well as connect with many more new people, spreading the love of the Muhra journey and sharing the message behind the Muhra brand. Most importantly, participating in these international markets will give us the chance to increase the production of the new collection, which in turn directly ensures a greater income for the artisan team.

But the truth is we can’t achieve this step alone, we need all the support we can get to make this dream a reality. It’s all about creating the best opportunities for the Muhra artisan team, who have worked so hard to produce a seasonal collection to be proud of.

This launch of the collection internationally can be the greatest results possible, helping us achieve our core objective of growing Muhra into a strong and sustainable platform, enabling a better life and future for the women involved and their families.With a small investment, we will be able to secure a place at three international Christmas markets this holiday season, and enable our small, dedicated team supported by our network of volunteers, to launch our new collection products to a much wider customer base and raise more awareness about the Muhra journey.


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