Stand by SPI by guaranteeing a bright future for the Syrian and other displaced communities. Become a community ambassador today!

What is a community ambassador?

Ambassadors are our representatives in your communities.

They are people who believe in SPI’s work in lifting up displaced people through community, education, and enterprise and want to share in the responsibility of making our work sustainable.

Community Ambassadors take action to enrich SPI by bringing higher visibility to our work and sustainability of programming by fundraising among their networks.

But what do you have to do?

There are so many ways you can support SPI. Our most successful ambassadors make a commitment of time and planning, combined with a bit of passion and creativity to make amazing things happen for SPI. With our mentorship you’ll bring our work to your community, raise awareness, and ramp up financial support to ensure our longevity. We can help you reach a personal goal like running your first marathon in the name of Small Projects Istanbul, host an event in your network, or even bike from Lisbon to Istanbul raising awareness along the way like Community Ambassador Alumna Nick and Caleb!

What do you get?

As a Community Ambassador, you’ll have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in displaced people’s lives. We will be by your side to mentor you as you take action, to reach the highest potential. Our Community Engagement Kit equips you with the practical tips and know-how you’ll need to launch your initiative and tools for promotion like print-outs, posters, balloon’s and t-shirts as needed personalized to your event needs. You’ll get to see SPI’s work behind the scenes, scale up your own fundraising efforts with hands-on support from our communications team, and many useful tools in our Community Engagement Kit.

Our commitment to you

You will receive support and collaboration in developing ideas and bringing them to fruition in your role as Community Ambassador.

-We will help you to set targeted goals toward fundraising outcomes and celebrate your success as you meet fundraising benchmarks along the way.
-Meetings and Skype sessions with the SPI team to plan events, share feedback, and chat.
-A featured guest blog post about the fabulous work you’ll do to make SPI an even brighter community.
-A chance to be featured in our newsletter.
-A network of other brilliant Ambassadors that support one another to share insights and tips they’ve used along the way.

Marta & Robert from The Passport Memorandum

Marta & Robert were one of our awesome community ambassadors who organized many events in Spain to raise funds for SPI projects and to support our social enterprise. They visited us and volunteered at our center too, they finished their visit with a Salsa dance class with the kids and other volunteers!

Nick and Caleb
after 70 days and 4,287 miles they raised $2,700 to support programs!

Nick & Caleb Cycle From Lisbon >> Istanbul

Amount raised: $2,700
Outcome:youth program support
Method: promotion among their community, awareness through action

After 70 days on the road, we finally make it to Istanbul with our modest sum and spent a week hanging out with people in SPI. The experience blew us away. We were greeted with warmth and kindness and immediately connected with passionate volunteers from all over the world. The children we met, who were to be the recipients of our aid through SPI's programs, charmed our socks off. They were full of energy and it was an absolute delight to spend time with them, it was evident the English lessons they were receiving had paid off. It ended up being just the kind of intimate experience we wanted, with few organizations is it possible to just waltz in and feel part of a family like that. And that' s what SPI feels like, a family. We left Istanbul feeling inspired by what we had seen and thankful we had chosen SPI. We wish this organization the best of luck going forward, for it to continue to grow and to inspire.


Hanna & Jean-Hugues - Moving In Tandem

Amount raised: $3000
Outcome: Many months of psychological and integration therapy for 50 children.

I felt this sort of guilt that I could travel everywhere I wanted for fun and there were people out there just like me, just as educated, that only wanted their travels to stop, and couldn’t,

Hannah Lammers

When we were traveling in Morocco we were sharing our trip, sharing our photo and video, and we kind of realized that we have power on social media

Jean-Hugues Gooris

Do I have what it takes to become a Community Ambassador?

1) Are you determined to support SPI in your community?

2) Do you feel strongly about the work SPI does to bolster empowerment and integration for the displaced people in Istanbul?

3) Are you passionate about leveraging your networks and local resources to host an event, raising funds for SPI, and engaging awareness and support on social media?

4) Do you want to help our community turn Istanbul into a home with opportunity?