Community Development & Empowerment

Our community is our biggest strength and the reason Small Projects Istanbul came to exist. For this reason, we always try to work as closely as possible with our members: to provide support and facilitate their integration in Turkey and also to improve the activities of our center according to their feedback.

We keep  in touch with all our members while working in these main areas:

Referrals and Support to Access Social Services

Whenever any member comes to us with legal, psychological or medical issues, we contact trusted partner organizations that work in these fields and refer them to these institutions.

Up-to-Date Information Provision & Awareness Raising

We believe that holding knowledge is the first step to being empowered, and we share any helpful information, such as websites, job portals, legal updates, etc., with all our members.

Consultations, Seminars & Training

We try to create connections among our members by using different strategies. We host regular community meetings, training, consultations, and events, to create a more robust network and recreate the safety net the community had to leave behind.

Registration of New Members

Everyone is welcomed in Small Projects Istanbul. We set up a registration procedure to get to know more about our beneficiaries and reach any and each one of them.


Small Projects Istanbul also provides extra support to families with higher vulnerabilities and has devoted its efforts since mid-March to mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic on the local refugee community.

Back to School Programme

Back to School is a program that aims to support our members in the school registration process, and it provides uniforms and stationery to the children of our community. 

In 2018, SPI funded 78 students, and, in 2019, thanks to the generous donations,   Small Projects Istanbul was able to distribute 119 uniforms to around 100 families.

Every year in August, we start a fundraising campaign to collect enough donations to provide help for the upcoming school semesters.

Direct Support to the Community

Throughout the year, during special occasions such as Ramadan, we distribute prepaid shopping cards for food and basic needs items to as many families as we can, depending on the contributions we can collect. 

We intensified our efforts since 2020 to provide extra support due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In 2021, we supported +250 households thanks to the project “Weave a security net for vulnerable ones,” funded by the COVID 19 Community Relief Fund from the Turkish Philanthropy Funds and The Intrepid Foundation.

Donations and contributions are fundamental to keep our community center running and to be able to provide direct support to all our members.