Do you know what we did last summer?

The summer is behind us, the school started a few weeks ago, the days are getting shorter and we are getting ready for the winter time.

There is a nice feeling of anticipation in the air as all our programs are starting again: our team is working relentlessly to schedule the activities, the children are looking forwards to fun afternoons at the Community center and the volunteers are ready to roll.

But, wait! Before all of this, let’s just take a moment and rewind what happened during the summer.

It was a busy summer filled with fun. The volunteers brought their skills together to create a magical experience for the children and transform them in little chefs, scientists, and artists.

We had the knowledge building….

The children attended a four-week course on healthy eating. They learned to divide the food according to their micro nutrients and now they know how to build a nutrition meal.

During Inside Out, they learned about the human body and the functions of the organs, and in Fun Biology they did a lot of practical experiments that allowed them to learn science in a more interactive way.

We used our computer lab to the fullest. Learn:Code:Create was a one week intensive workshop were the children learnt the basics of coding. For the second year, Phil came from Ireland to run this workshop and it was a success.

We also taught the children how to use Scratch, a programming language and online community specifically for children that they can use to create games and animation and to share interactive media. 

We usually provide language clubs and homework support all year round, so we kept them going during the summer camp, as we know how important they are for the children.

….and then we focused on the arts….

Both our workshops Creative Drama and Creative Dance focused on teaching better coordination, motor skills and flexibility to the children. They explored the concepts of time, space, force and body through many expressive activities. And they really had fun with improvisations, music, games and stories.

The children also developed their creative side by making art. They were encouraged to make drawings and compose music.

Of course, cooking is also a form of art and our workshop Yummy cooking was a great success. We usually organize this cooking class once a month, but we doubled it down during the summer camp. Our favorite was the pizza making day!

…. and outdoor activities….

To be great, a summer requires a lot of time outside: to play, run and enjoy the sun.

All the boys at the center are very fond of football, which they practiced all summer, while the girls could try different sports and have fun with outdoor games and team building exercises.

…. and some time to relax.

We had yoga classes, board games, movies screening, excursions, psycho-social support groups….it was a great summer indeed!

So, the only thing left to do now it is starting getting ready for a great winter. Many more exciting things are about to come, so keep checking our website, Facebook and Instagram to see what’s coming next!


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