Fundraising Ideas

Every activity can be transformed into a fundraising opportunity; there is no limit to creativity. Think out of the box, come up with brilliant projects and show your support to Small Projects Istanbul and our community.

If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas:


Participate in a marathon and let your family and friends know you need their support.

Garage Sale

This is an excellent way to declutter your house and start fresh while raising money.
Gather the items you don’t use anymore and invite people to your sale. You can organize an actual event if you have space. Otherwise, you can also sell your products on social media.

Holiday Gift Wrapping

During the holidays, this is a great way to raise funds.
Contact your local mall and ask for a place where you can wrap gifts. It’s a fun way to interact with many people and collect funds for Small Projects Istanbul.

Partner with a Restaurant

Collaborate with a local restaurant and raise a portion of the night’s proceeds. Decide the details and invite your friends, family, and community members to participate.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Pick a trusty crowdfunding platform with fair processing fees and create your page. You can promote it among your friends and family and through social media. Have in mind a clear goal and make sure it passes through.

Dog Walking

This is an enjoyable and easy way to raise money. Offer your dog walking services to the pet owners of your neighborhood. Inform people you can walk their dogs, post on social media, and raise money by charging the walks.

Penny Drive

You just need some jars and ask the local shops to keep them in their store.