Small Projects Istanbul is now seeking its first professional volunteers through HVA (Humanitarian Volunteers in Action) as the continuity of the first part of the project: Humanitarian Volunteering Management (HVM) that is funded by the European Union for the EU Aid Volunteer Initiative.

Throughout this journey we will continue to work with our partners Adice, Mondo and Adra Slovakia who were involved with our capacity building during HVM project and now became the Sending Organizations that will be supporting us with finding the most suitable candidates for our organization along with their deployment to Istanbul.

For 2019 we’re aiming to host 4 professionals for a year who are skilled in Psychology, Fundraising, Volunteer Coordination and Income Generating which will expand our team and field of work in a particular way that we will be able to provide much more services to our community!

What else to say? We’re very excited about opening our doors for international professionals who will enrich our multicultural environment with their skills and experience.

If you as an organization or individual are interested to become a Hosting Organization or  a volunteer you can check out more information from here:


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