Meet Abdulwahed, Our Youth Outreach Coordinator


Meet Abdulwahed, Our Youth Outreach Coordinator

Hello, everyone, my name is Abdulwahed.
A year ago I came to Turkey from Syria. In the beginning, I was alone here in Istanbul with no friends or family but after 3 months my flatmate told me that there is a community center and I should go there to meet people and volunteer.

I decided to go. When I went there the community and volunteers were so friendly and welcoming I felt from the very first day that I was a part of something new they were creating in the city. I started as a volunteer in the child care area for 3 days then my friend and I decided to start a medical information class for the kids and it went well.

Abdulwahed and SPI community superhero children in front of our new Olive Tree Community Center in Istanbul.

After 3 months of volunteering and giving all my time to the center, they offered me the Childcare Coordinator position. I was so happy that day. It was a very good opportunity to start my life in Istanbul in a new way. I started my new job there and was so glad to be a part of this amazing beloved team. I’ve met a lot of friends, new volunteers and I’ve become very involved in my favorite place in Istanbul.

This experience has taught me how to understand the social and educational needs of children and coordinate programs and volunteers to provide care. I’ve learned how to communicate with my teammates and how to share my thoughts and my ideas.

Now after 8 months of working and volunteering in Small Projects Istanbul, I will move on from coordinating the childcare area into a new role for me, which is the development of youth activities as the Youth Outreach Coordinator.

I’m so excited for the new position because I’ll be able to do outreach, finding youth in the community to join programming that will help them make friends, be active, and adjust to life in Istanbul. At the same time, I’ll be working with friends I’ve made along the way to give the kids a positive experience. I believe that I have a lot of ideas to improve this section I’m looking forward to starting my new job with our Youth Summer Program this month.

Small Projects Istanbul is my second home in Istanbul and I have a lot of unforgettable memories and moments in this amazing basement turned community center, and many more to make!

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Abdulwahed Kabakibou


Youth Outreach Officer


Lauren Simcic

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