Here is a post on the outcomes from our Psycho-Drama Activity and the themes it has posed us to keep in mind regarding group dynamics for our youth.

April 1st-
Psycho-Social Awareness Coordinator, Naz, held this session in collaboration with the organization called BoMoVu and its “Your Movement is Free” project. The facilitator Bedia Karaca gathered with the children to perform a variety of drama activities in order to improve the participants’ group awareness and recognition of their role within the group.

Aside from having a great time during the session, the activities allowed the group members to consider very important ideas which are the crucial characteristics of a sustainable group such as the value of respect and openness towards each other.

Another theme that the facilitator Bedia focused are the differences among the members of the group. Along with the similarities each of us share, there are also plenty of differences that individuals hold— and these differences are the factors that make us, as a group, colorful and original. The more we accept and acknowledge diversity without being judgmental, the more the group has the capacity to thrive and remain peaceful. This awareness brings about a stronger between members that nurture the endurance needed for each member to take part as part of a group.

To enact these connections the group built a cobweb by using rope at the end of the session. Whilst it was so much fun to see the way the individuals interacted and the feedback that the group provided, one of the participants arose the question: “What does connection mean?” We are prompted to continue forging this connection through group collaboration.

We thank Bedia and BoMoVu to give us the chance to question the meaning of “connection” as a power we each possess as we building our “we!”
For more details about “Your Movement is Free” visit:

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