Psycho-Social Awareness Program – Stepping Out Through Zumba with Mentors

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This Saturday February 11th the students participating in our Psycho-Social Awareness Program joined their mentors from Robert College for a day of fun and Zumba in the Şişli neighborhood.

The students gathered together in the studio for a lively day of dance, music, and building new friendships. The Zumba instructor was full of energy and navigated the multilingual group by using lots of expression and body language to teach the moves and energize the group. Everyone found they could participate in a new activity and even learn a whole dance without any language, just by feeling the rhythm in their bodies and following the steps.

The mentors and mentees were really excited to see each other again for the second group activity and by the end there was a great vibe in the room and everyone looking forward to the next time they would see each other and have fun together!

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Co-Director - Shannon comes from Australia but her lifelong passion for travel and immersing herself in new places inspired her to undertake a degree in International Studies, which led her to Istanbul. Here she has developed a strong interest in and connection to Turkish and Middle Eastern people and politics. Shannon believes in the power of education as a tool for transformation, and sees Small Projects Istanbul as a platform to achieve great things in the local Syrian community in Turkey and the wider Syrian diaspora.


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