Support the
Refugee Women Artisans

Women's Social Enterpise

Since 2018, we have been developing our Women’s Social Enterprise as an opportunity for women in the community to contribute to their livelihoods through handicraft production and sales. Embedded within the Community Center space, whilst simultaneously functioning as a professional working environment, the Social Enterprise aims to effectively merge social and economic agendas, in relation to the needs of the community.

Participating in the Women’s Social Enterprise enables the artisans to not only earn income and develop transferable skills but also to gain a sense of ownership and independence, build confidence and connect with their peers. The women involved are also encouraged to participate in other Community Center programs, trainings, and social activities.

Muhra & Drop Earrings not Bombs

In 2017 we created and launched ‘Muhra’ as a socially conscious and empowering brand, featuring our ‘Drop Earrings Not Bombs’ collection. “Muhra” is an Arabic word meaning female foal. It represents the growth, vitality, and strength of the young Social Enterprise created by female artisans on a collective journey as they rebuild their lives in Istanbul.