Supporting the Refugee Community from a Distance. Story of our Community Ambassadors in the USA​

Hi! We are Deniz and Serra, currently 9th graders in Connecticut, USA, and were born in New York City into a Turkish-American family. Our extended Turkish family lives in Istanbul.

One summer back in Istanbul, we noticed Syrian refugees pouring into the city. We wanted to educate our friends and community in the US about what is happening in different parts of the world and positively impact the lives of refugees living in Istanbul.

SPI is a fantastic place where displaced families and children can connect and create a sense of community. Thanks to the guidance and training of Martin Abi and Naz Abla, we became SPI’s Community Ambassadors. We set up a student club in our high school in the US to inform our community and raise awareness about displaced people. SPI shipped us earrings crafted by Syrian women from the Muhra shop. After that, we held a bake and earrings sale in our school cafeteria.

Our first Ambassador project was a huge success! Our school community embraced the information and goods we shared, and we were able to donate money to SPI to buy some toys for the holidays for the children.

We are delighted to have already made a small impact and look forward to many more projects! 


Are you also interested in becoming SPI’s Community Ambassador? Learn more about our Community Ambassador Program and register.