Laptops for Refugees

Having a computer is crucial to connect with the world and family back home for those who fled their home countries as a result of war, additionally, it might create a potential work opportunity or facilitate finding one in the future.

A student from Damascus

Nour from Damascus, Syria is studying at a school in Istanbul. He recently joined a computer programmingcourse organized by a nonprofit in hope of working in the technology and communications field in the future.

He always faced difficulty because his computer was very old and slow, he wasn't able to run the software he needed to continue his training.

SPI has been aware of Nour's need, eventually we were able to give Nour a good, working laptop.

Lama from Aleppo

Lama is a Syrian woman from Aleppo.

She has 3 kids, 2 boys who are at school age but working to support the household, and 1 girl who's studying.

Last week we've given Lama's family a laptop that was donated by one of our supporters, the kids were happy and we hope that it'll make their life a bit easier.

We plan to continue donating laptops we receive from you, our supporters to those who need them the most. We have a list of such cases that gets updated frequently.

If you'd like to donate a laptop in a good condition, please reach out to us via: [email protected]