Just 3 steps to follow in order to  apply to volunteer with us: 

1- Read the guidelines

2- Watch the video

3- Submit the volunteer Application form

As a first step while considering volunteering with Small Projects Istanbul, please take a moment to watch our short informational video at the very top of this page, then carry on to the steps below to make your application.


  1. Before volunteering on any of Small Projects Istanbul (SPI) project, each volunteer must carefully read the Volunteer Guidelines and the Release and Waiver of Liability, fill out the Volunteer Information Form and check the box indicating agreement and acceptance.
  2. When you have completed the Volunteer Form please print it out hand deliver it to a representative of SPI along with a copy of your personal identification (copy of current driver’s license or copy of Passport) before you volunteer.
  3. Each Volunteer is strongly encouraged to have adequate medical or health insurance coverage in effect, and to maintain proof of such insurance on their person at all times.
  4. Each Volunteer is strongly encouraged to obtain all vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for Turkey and Syria, and to carry record of such vaccinations during your involvement with SPI.

SPI is run by a dedicated team of volunteers from Syria, Turkey, Australasia, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Europe who sustain our Turkish, English and German language classes for children and adults as well as our homework support club, music, art, sport and other enrichment programs.

They may also help with   communications, grant writing and other admin tasks, or even provide childcare while parents attend the Olive Tree Craft Collective sessions.

Please see our schedule  for activities and times that match your skills and availability.