Volunteer Opportunities

Our refugee support programs are run by SPI team with great help from a dedicated team of volunteers from Syria, Turkey, Australia, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Europe who sustain our different educational and livelihood through their volunteer work.

general volunteer work guidelines

Before volunteering on any of Small Projects Istanbul (SPI) project, each volunteer must carefully read the Volunteer Guidelines and the Release and Waiver of Liability, fill out the Volunteer Information Form and check the box indicating agreement and acceptance.

As you volunteer with us here in Istanbul to help and support the refugee families, you may also help with communications, grant-writing and other administrative tasks; or even provide childcare while parents attend work or training sessions organized within the work of our social enterprise projects.

To learn more about our programs and activities, visit our enrichment and integration programs page.

To learn more about our community center, please read this blog post.

on the job guidelines


Having read all the guidelines and watched the video, the final step to send your application is to fill and submit the following volunteer application form:

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Do you live in Istanbul? (Required)

If not, when and for how long will you be in Istanbul?

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What is your home country? (Required)

What languages do you speak? (Required)

Do you have any experience or skills relevant to volunteering with SPI? (Required)

Do you have any known medical conditions or health issues?

If yes, please describe:

What is your exact availability? (e.g., Wednesdays 12:00-6:00, all day Saturday and Sunday) (Required)

What is your interest in SPI? (Required)

How would you like to contribute to SPI? (e.g., art classes for children, women’s craft workshops) (Required)

What do you hope to gain from volunteering with SPI?


By submitting this form, I desire to work and engage in the activities related to being a volunteer for Small Projects Istanbul (SPI). I hereby freely and voluntarily, and without duress, execute this Waiver under the terms, notes and guidelines mentioned on SPI volunteer page.

I agree

By checking the above box I agree that I have read and understood the

I understand and agree that this Release and Waiver of Liability will have the effect of releasing, discharging, waiving and forever relinquishing any and all actions or causes of action that I may have or have had, whether past, present or future, whether known or unknown, and whether anticipated or unanticipated by me, arising out of my participation with and involvement with SPI.

I (and parent/legal guardian if volunteer is under age 18) have carefully read this release, and understand and agree with all of its terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you fill all the required fields before submitting the above form. Once you finish filling the form, click on the "Send" button one time ONLY then wait few seconds to see the confirmation message. Once you're done submitting the form, you'll receive an automated confirmation email. Thank you!