The community center is always buzzing with programs for children from 3 to 18 years old. We focus on many educational activities, which are fundamental to remove some barriers the children can encounter on their way to personal development and a successful integration at school and in the society.

Conversation clubs

Every week, we organize gatherings between children and international volunteers, who engage them in fun games and easy conversations. It’s a good opportunity for the children to learn and improve their language skills. Currently, we focus on Arabic, Turkish and English.

In 2019, more than 65 children from 6 to 14 years old participated in the clubs and they always attended with great enthusiasm.

Basic computer

There are many rooms for the activities in our community center. One of these rooms is the “Computer room”, equipped with 8 computers and where we organise many IT training during the year, for both women and children.

Homework support club

Twice a week, a group of Turkish-speaking volunteers come to the centre to help the children with their homework. The club invites elementary and middle grade students to join in a one on one tutoring sessions in language, math, science and other core subjects.

Tutoring classes

As for the homework support club, we organised some biology and math classes for the students that need an extra support on those subjects.

Phoenix Space project

Phoenix Space is a groundbreaking educational project to educate, empower and inspire disadvantaged youth through space science and an orbital experiment. Children from our community and high school age students are being selected to participate in a 9 month program run here at the community centre and that will culminate with the launch into space of a satellite that will be partially constructed and programmed by the students.