Video – GPP Supports SPI In Women’s Skills Development

Women’s Skills Development program-video

In this video, Sydney and Syrine, two interns from Vignette Interactive follows Marwa, a core member of SPI’s Women’s Skills Development program.

Marwa reflects on the ways her involvement in the program has brought greater financial security, a sense of community belonging, and a boost in her own self-confidence. Against the odds, Marwa is more able to cover the basic needs of her four children through SPI’s livelihood program.

This year, supported by the BMZ through their TAMEB project, and in partnership with GPP, the Women’s Skills Development program is growing. The partnership allows our program to expand and provide work to more women, conduct trainings to build entrepreneurial, financial management, and handicraft skills of collective members, and reach a bigger global audience.

The women are hopeful that with GPP’s partnership and the bolstering of their own skills they will be able to connect with people around the world who will engage with their stories and dreams for the future.

Marwa tells those who don’t know Syrian women personally, that they represent hope. They represent peace.

Video Shooting and editing by

Sydney Guthrie


Sydney graduated from Chapman University in Southern California last spring with a degree in News and Documentary production. She grew up in Denver, Colorado where she returned after graduation to work for Rocky Mountain PBS. She is primarily interested in film editing, and has worked as an editor on several short documentaries, and is looking forward to learning more about multimedia journalism.

Video Shooting

Syrina Lakhal


Catie Jarman

Project Coordinator: Drop Earrings Not Bombs


Post written by

Lauren Simcic

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Sales & Marketing


Simon Fox


Organisation Photographer and Videographer - My name is Simon Fox and I am a native Seattleite and a third generation photographer, my grandfather being one of the early filmmakers for Disney's nature documentaries. I grew up surrounded by cameras and am currently making my way in the world as a freelance video journalist. Living in Istanbul I have met many incredible people but nothing compared to the community I have found at an NGO here in the city that helps displaced people, mainly from Syria and Iraq, continue their lives. They are my friends, brothers, sisters, teammates, teachers, and as of recently, my students. Using photography as the medium, for the last three months I have been teaching a group of teens basic photography combined with positive philosophy.

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