Our volunteers implemented several activities and workshops during the 2021 Online Summer Camp. One of them had an especially beautiful outcome in the form of two storybooks that came out as a collaboration between the volunteers and the children. The lead volunteer, Umay, shared her testimony:

“The process of creating a fairy tale book with children started with the idea of playing a creative game during one of the Summer Camp workshops. In this workshop, the children could create their fairy tales. In this game, one child would start a fairy tale with a word or a sentence, and the other children would produce a new sentence or word to complete the sentence that came before them. During the game, the volunteers supported the creative process by asking various questions, such as “Where does it take place?”, “What is the name of this character?”, “Why is he hiding behind the tree?”, “What will he do now?” etc. The volunteers were also taking on the role of a storyteller and retelling the sentences in a fairy tale style. 

The children had a lot of fun during the workshop and actively participated in the game. At the end of the workshop, we created two storybooks. This way, the children experienced a process in which they could be both listeners and creators of a story simultaneously. Below are the outcomes of our workshops. Enjoy!”

Umay, SPI’s Summer Camp Volunteer

Book No. 1

Eğlenceli Okyanus

(Fun Ocean)

Book No. 2

Ormanda Saklambaç

(Hide and Seek in the Forest)

We are proud and happy to have such wonderful and enthusiastic volunteers in our team. 

Great job and Thank You!

.  .  .

Our children and youth activities are part of the project focused on the provision of educational, technical, and recreational skills training opportunities to children, youth, and women in Istanbul financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the largest development cooperation and humanitarian aid provider in Estonia, MTÜ Mondo.