“What I have is 

what I build,

one step after the other.

I focus on

What’s beyond 

the change of the hour”


from balance,

Berna Kahraman

Small Projects Istanbul is honored for the opportunity to be part of the project  “Ways to Survive“, a beautiful book created by Berna Kahraman (poet) and Donna Haig Friedman (visual artist), which  emphasizes precious concepts that are commonly experienced and can be cherished by the inner sources of human-kind.

From its story to the inspiring poems and paintings, the book reflects the introspective journey the world has been called upon. 

We intend this little book of poems and paintings to be a meditative handbook. We hope that, when you open up to any of these pages, you will allow yourself to be in stillness, letting the words and images nourish your inner spirits”

Berna Kahraman and Donna Haig Friedman

Berna and Donna offer all the proceeds from the sales  of this collection to organizations or causes that are making a positive difference in the world. 

You can pre-order the book to support Small Projects Istanbul and the refugee community to rebuild their lives in Istanbul.

Make a donation to Small Projects Istanbul and receive a copy of Way to Survive. 


The donation includes the book (20$) and shipment costs.

Support SPI and our artisans by donating for a book and one pair of  earrings created by our Social Enterprise Muhra.

The donation includes the book (20$), a pair of Muhra earrings and shipment costs. 

‘Ways to Survive’ is available to explore online free of charge through this link: www.waystosurvive.org.

For a better reading experience we suggest using a laptop or a desktop computer.

The printed version of the book will be available in the summer of 2020.

Please note that the shipment will be able to take place shortly after.

Pre-order book+ earrings

Your order can support us twice when you add a Muhra's creation to the book.

If you are ordering from Turkey

If you are ordering from outside of Turkey

Small Projects Istanbul has been working towards economic empowerment of refugee women since its inception and, in 2017, it created Muhra, a socially conscious brand, featuring the ‘Drop Earrings Not Bombs’ collection. Its workshop is embedded within the community center space and it provides an opportunity for women artisans to earn an income through handicraft production and sales. 

Muhra means female foal in Arabic, it is a growing Social Enterprise created by female artisans rebuilding their lives in Istanbul.

Every pair of earring has a meaning and we thought adding VIVI to “Ways to Survive” would make it extra special, and it would be the perfect way to treat yourself, or to gift to friends and family.


A leaf turns from green, yellow, amber to brown. As they crumple to the earth, we sweep them up. To molt like a tree is to renew. This is a chance for a new life. In this becoming bare, we build ourselves anew. How do you renew? This process isn’t passive. Participate.