who we are

Small Projects Istanbul operates a community center which brings together displaced Syrian families living in the Capa neighborhood of Istanbul.

Through our enrichment, integration, and Women’s Skills Development programs, SPI is a space in which key tools are transferred to families, allowing them to integrate and develop a sense of belonging as they rebuild their lives in Istanbul and beyond.

the vision we share with our community

The physical space to grow.

The mental space to heal, integrate and lead.

When we come together in a space where we are seen, respected, and acknowledged for our unique character and contribution to the whole, we regain energy to continue on our journey toward acceptance and growth.

Wounds and weight of the recent past begin to heal.
We are supported in achieving our dreams.

It’s through our cultivation of this space, that our community engages in the process-- beginning to trust in themselves and one another as they fulfill their potential toward bright futures.

Together we are creating a work of opportunity.

core values

We Value


Treating others with courtesy, politeness and kindness. Listening to, and encouraging others.


The recognition of the inherent value and worth of each person and their right to live their life freely.


The inherent sameness of value and rights of all people and seeking equality in opportunity.


The acceptance and active involvement of all, regardless of difference.


The conscious effort to work together to produce our best work collectively.