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Our Women's Skills Development Program is at the core of what we do, providing personal and professional skills development to empower women who are the backbone and central focus of our Social Enterprise.


In partnership with Global Project Partners e.V. (GPP), a Berlin-based NGO, we are currently implementing TAMEB project (German Turkish Partnership for Skills Development), funded by The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) via sequa gGmbH . Meanwhile, 60+ women have become more adept both as members of the collective as well as in the production of their new product range entitled 'Muhra'. The clothing and personal accessories are created around the themes of nature, tradition, storytelling. As the women use this platform to share their experiences, we begin to narrow the gap between the maker and consumer.

Women's social enterprise branding board - our old community center 2017
Through a training program focused on language, technical handicraft, and business acumen skills, women have grown in self-confidence and ownership of the brand which shares their message of experience and individuality to the global market.

We've recently had the opportunity to introduce our brand to an international market. Thus far, the brand has enjoyed positive feedback and engagement.

Larissa from Global Projects Partners during a product design session.

Now that we are officially registered as a social enterprise, we're excited to grow in our reach through online sales which will allow us to engage customers around the world toward our collective goal of financial stability for the women who are active in our social enterprise.

Women's social enterprise' product designer Ellen.

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